With the beginning of the new year many people in want to refresh their home, and the 2017 interior design trends predicted mean new opportunities, materials, and design concepts for home owners to consider. Some of the most popular interior design trends for 2017 include:

Going Green

green interiors winnipegGoing green is trending in a number of ways. Natural, minimalist, and environmentally friendly design concepts and materials are shaping up to be one of the hottest 2017 interior design trends. The modern steel, glass, and black design concepts are being replaced with handwoven baskets, raw white art objects and accessories, and furniture that is simple yet incredibly appealing.

Green is also a top color pick for spaces in 2017, with greenery chosen as the 2017 Pantone color of the year. From pale lime greens to darker shades like emerald and jade using green can help refresh and rejuvenate spaces while adding some color to offset areas that are light. Walls, floors, and even items like rugs, vases, and tableware can be integrated into a home in varying shades of this color.


This year textures are hot when it comes to interior design, and they can be used to help enhance the appeal of any room in the home. Textures invite touch and they can make a space more inviting and comfortable. Expect to see furniture with pleating, textured fabrics such as velvet and mohair, and other materials that are very soft and pleasant to the touch as more people opt for comfort as well as beauty in the place that they reside. Textures also break up the monotony that can be an issue today with flat screens, modern designs, and advanced technology.

Faux Finishes and Materials

Faux finishes and materials are gaining in popularity again when it comes to interior design in 2017. From faux fur rugs and faux leather furniture to manufactured gray floors, engineered quartz, and faux wood ceiling beams this trend is very popular this year. Many faux materials have superior qualities to the real thing and may be more environmentally friendly as well as being less expensive. A wide range of materials, accessories, and items are available in faux versions as well as the original.

Butterfliesbutterfly interiors

Butterflies are no longer relegated to the kids room or bathroom of homes, today these bright creatures can bring joy to almost any room. From high end designer wallpaper with a butterfly motif offered by Christian Lacroix to containers and accessories with a butterfly design this trend seems to be gaining in 2017. Few can resist the joy and optimism that butterflies represent, and every room needs some color in it. These design materials and accessories can range from pale colors to bright vivid hues that draw the eye and capture attention.

Tropical Prints

Tropical prints are making big waves when it comes to 2017 interior design trends. Interior design tends to follow the fashion cues on the runways and this year is no different. While covering an entire room in tropical prints may be too much many interior designers are using these prints to add some color and appeal in many different rooms and spaces. There are tropical print fabrics, wallpaper designs, and art objects that can really enhance a space and make a striking contrast to pale or muted colors and textures.

Geometric Shapes and Patterns

Geometric shapes and patterns are very in this year, and these can help almost any home feel cultured and curated without too much effort. Cultural patterns from Africa and Asia that inolve geometric shapes are being used by interior designers everywhere. Simple lines that are clear and elegant, geometric designs in tile, wallpaper, paint and flooring, and shapes that include triangles and circles will be big in 2017 for interior design.

Cerused Wood

wood wall interior designCerused wood is very popular right now, and this technique is used to bring out the unique grain that makes wood such an appealing material to use for many home owners and interior designers. Cabinets, furniture, and even flooring which offers cerused wood has become less expensive than it was in the past, and it is no longer reserved for the very high end market but has become more common even in modest homes as well.

Neutral Colors and Raw Whites

Neutral colors are also making a comeback for interior design in 2017. Colors that are muted and that can go well with any design style include whites, pale grays, blush pink, shades of beige, and camel can create a great backdrop for almost any type of furniture and design plan. Raw whites are also gaining more interest in the interior design industry because these can add a natural appeal and an almost unfinished look to any room or object.


Metals will dominate the 2017 interior design trends and these materials continue to gain in popularity. Brass, bronze, and copper can add warmth to any item or space, and both chrome and brushed steel also offer a unique appeal to most rooms. Mixing metals is also becoming more common and the impact can be dramatic. Metal lighting and accessories can also add focal points and start conversations. Some of the most popular metal combinations for interior design in 2017 include silver with polished nickel, brass and chrome combinations, and oil rubbed bronze paired with antique brass.

Textured Headboards

Wooden headboards are out in 2017, and textured headboards are in when it comes to interior design. Beaded fabrics, velvet, and other headboard materials that offer texture as well as aesthetic appeal are trending right now. These headboards can be found in many sizes, textures, and shapes so there is sure to be one that catches the eye for almost any interior design style and preference.

Smart Home Features

Advancements in technology have caused interior designers to focus on smart home features in 2017. From planning and designing spaces around charging docks and other modern requirements in this connected age and constant online lifestyle to implementing features which can control lighting, heat, and other home factors with the touch of a button on almost any device smart homes are the wave of the future.


marble trends

Marble is still in as a popular interior design material in 2017 because this stone offers timeless elegance with durability. Today interior designers use marble in living rooms and bedrooms, it is no longer exclusive to kitchens and bathrooms in homes. Marble comes in a variety of colors and patterns so it can work well with almost any style and design preferences.


One of the biggest 2017 interior design trends is a move away from cold and sterile white tones, and a move towards adding warmth to a space by using terra cotta tiles. This material was also popular in the 1980s but today it is used in many ways now and not just as border tiles. Tiles should have a natural matte finish, and they can be used to clad fireplaces, create feature walls, and add a sense of warmth to the space. Avoid tiles that appear extremely rustic though because these may not offer the intended impact and character desired.

Varying Shades of Gray

The 2017 interior design trends show that gray is still a very relevant color. Varying shades of gray, from light to dark, will work well with almost any color scheme and furnishing plan. From paints and wallpapers to flooring, objects, and accessories gray is one of the hottest colors in the interior design sector right now.


Cork is making a big comeback in 2017 when it comes to interior design, and this material can add convenience, warmth, and texture to almost any space or room type. Cork helps to absorb noise so it has a sound reducing effect, it has a stylish look and interesting texture, and it can be used to hold items using pins for efficiency and convenience. Cork can be ideal for any home and is especially suited for those that have large and open plans and areas. This material is used to clad walls, and is also found in furniture and even flooring as well.

Jewel Tones

According to interior designers 2017 will see pastels replaced with jewel tones that are brighter and more vivid. Shades inspired by metals, the sky and space, and jewels will be dominant in the new year. Interior designers are using metallic materials, actual metals, opal, quartz, and lucite to add beauty and style to home in 2017. These are being combined with silks, sheer fabrics, and transparent materials to add lightness, optimism, and a sense of romance to this trend.

Pendant Lights

modern pendant lightingFloor and desk lamps are on the way out with 2017 interior designer trends, and pendant lights that hang are one of the hottest lighting types right now. These lighting accessories free up space while proving the right amount and intensity of light for any given space. Pendant lights can be used in bedrooms, kitchens, hallways, baths, and other home areas, and they are available in a wide range of materials and styles to choose from.

Hanging Chairs and Bar Stools

Hanging chairs are gaining popularity once more and they are one of the 2017 interior design trends that many are adopting. In the past hanging chairs were usually anchored into the ceiling but that is no longer always the case today. There are models which come with their own stand or frame so that no ceiling anchor is necessary. This chair style is being used for more than just living rooms by interior designers today. Bar stools are also hot in 2017 for kitchen interior design. This seating offers contemporary and modern styles, and bar stools are being used in high end homes as well as those with more modest price ranges.

Fold Up Appliances

For many homeowners, especially in crowded city areas and those with smaller homes, fold up appliances are all the rage. Hood ranges that retract and appliances that neatly fold away out of sight when not in use can free up considerable space in the home. Advances in technology have made it possible for spaces to be flexible in design and purpose, so the appliances are available when needed but out of the way at other times.

Minimalist Styles and Open Floor Plans

The trend towards having less and minimalist living is still going strong, and this is incorporated in the 2017 interior design trends. Designers are using furnishings and accessories that can serve more than one purpose to free up space and minimize clutter. Open floor plans that are spacious and do not include walls between each area are also very popular right now.

The 2017 interior design trends include something for every style preference and taste. Whether the goal is a romantic feel, a clean modern look, or even a specific design style like Southwestern or Bohemian chic there are interior design trends that will work perfectly in any home or space in 2017.