Colour Consultation

Nothing brings a room or an entire home to life like new paint and new colour schemes! The same is true for your office. You may have grown tired of the look you have but aren’t sure about the changes to make. You may be worried about the time involved or the cost. Let us assure you though that there are plenty of options that fit any budget and you will love the results!

colour consultation winnipeg

At Lee Interiors, we are proud to offer you our expertise with colour schemes and designs. You can pick something retro, something trendy, or something unique. You can pick something to coincide with your business branding or your personality. The possibilities are unlimited. Too often, we play it safe and go with a neutral colour. Yet that can be boring and predictable. It is time to shake things up a bit.

The interior of your home or business in Winnipeg may be wonderful, but the paint is older and showing signs of wear. This is the perfect opportunity to get things moving in the new direction. Painting isn’t expensive, it isn’t time consuming, but it does make a profound change that you will love. The right colour of patient matched with the right colour scheme of furnishings can also make rooms look larger. If you have a small home or business, this could be a good concept to think about.

You can go with different colour schemes in various areas of your home or business too. One of the great thinks about working with Lee Interiors is we can help make it all blend together for an overall look that is seamless. This is important as you don’t want areas of the home or business to contrast with each other. That is distracting rather than attracting. You can add personal touches to the rooms of your choice though and still have a great overall look with them.

Paying attention to the overall details does influence the outcome when you talk about colour. The right shade of colour for example matters with what you blend it with. The right accent areas of trim in a colour that is complimentary also matters. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure what goes well with what. That is where we step in and show you the combinations and allow you to choose the one you love the most!

You can count on us at Lee Interiors to help you make sense of it all. If you have been putting it off due to the challenges, you now have the best possible ally in your corner. In fact, you may find it is fun to be part of the project now that you have an expert as part of your safety net.

Adding some simple touches such as vases, paintings, or even pillows on your couch can blend the colours with each other. The right curtains also make a difference but this something too many people overlook. We are going to show you the ways to make an impact that have people talking about your home or business once they see it. Get ready for those compliments to start pouring in!

We can help you to bring your home or business back to live with new vibrancy and overall visual appeal both inside and out. This is going to increase overall value, help you to enjoy it more, and make it more inviting to your guests or your customers. You simple can’t go wrong when you hire us to help you with painting and other colour scheme needs in the Winnipeg area!